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talnut TALNUT
by J. H. Wear
ISBN: 978-1-60504-004-2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Carl literally woke up in a new world and in his search for home found more than he bargained for.


"This story is an interesting one and I like the various challenges and dangers this place has to throw at poor Carl and company." 78pts- Mrs. Giggles

"The dynamic between Carl and Tanya was fun to watch develop. The interactions between Carl and the other villagers showed how it takes only one person to change an entire world. J. H. Wear has built an intriguing world with a variety of characters ranging from human to dinosaur and everything in between." -Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

Carl has a problem with love. He's found the girl he wants to be with but there's a minor problem with that. Two, if you also consider she doesn't want him. But the main difficulty is Tanya is a witch with a bit of a temper. He's determined to win her over while he works on another problem, which might be even more difficult.

Carl had woken up on an isolated beach and after being led to the local village by Tanya discovers that he's on another planet. Worse, the village doesn't have any technology and is restricted to a small peninsula bounded by sea monsters and with the desert ghoul on the only land link. Not one to give in easily Carl searches for a way off the peninsula and his journey to find a way back to Earth puts himself and those around him in considerable danger. Talnut is about determination, love and finding out who you can be.

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