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Castle - The Fall to Domum,

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Castle- The Return To Domum

When Lord Troy Sussex buys a recovered gem with unique powers, he believes it will free him from the spell that confines him to his castle. But the strange power the gem possesses has an unexpected result, and the fate of Domum rests with a thief, a sex slave and a warlock in exile.

Castle- The New King

A hero must be willing to die. Domum is in turmoil when the ruthless Lord Darius vies to become King, overpowering and killing anyone who opposes him. To Liz's dismay Jon accepts the role to lead the undermanned Horstruff defenses. Liz becomes worried Jon doesn't want to return to Earth and plans to give him ultimatum if he wants her, if he can even survive the conflict. Meanwhile Gilbert's reluctant marriage proposal to Donna takes a surprising turn. As the final battle looms he suddenly finds fate has placed him in the midst of the battle where he has a chance to be a hero.


Dragons in the Water   

When Harry accepted an invitation to join a dragon boat racing team by the eccentric Sheldon, he was plunged into the world of paddling, festivals and romance. But with Sheldon there is always a mystery and unknown forces involved as well.


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