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Fallen Angel /Shadows_and_Sensations Fallen Angel
by J.H. Wear
© 2009 J.H. Wear

This story is part of the Shadows and Sensations collection. Carl finds out Halloween can be a perfect time to dress up and be yourself.

Fallen Angel pdf download.
Warning; This is an adult story with nudity and violence.



Calendar Girl
by J. H. Wear
© 2009 J. H. Wear

Vanessa's decision to get special photos of herself brought unexpected results.

Calendar Girl pdf download




The Garden
The Garden
by J. H. Wear
© 2009 J. H. Wear

A science fiction story about global warming.

The Garden pdf download



Painting Life
Painting Life
by J. H. Wear
© 2009 J. H. Wear

A painter falls for a mysterous woman.

Painting Life pdf download



Wizard of Mars
by Jack H. Wear
© 2014 J. H. Wear

A Christmas story on Mars during a period of terra forming the red planet. Can party girl Elli change her ways after she's forced to work on Mars? Ryan falls for her and he tries to capture her heart.

Wizard of Mars pdf download



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